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Giclee print on archival paper, numbered and signed.



I was bored.

To do what I do involves many moving pieces - talent, locations, equipment, assistants, make up artists, stylists, props, sets etc etc etc and so on. And....I wanted to create something which didn't have all that.

Just me. And maybe an assistant.

And, er, a rainbar (a pipe connected to a hose essentially) and lights and smoke and wooden blocks....

I wanted to do a portrait of a log. I've always loved trees and wanted to abstract them somehow. And I've always loved burnt trees as well - there's something so picturesque and quintessentially Australian about the burnt bush.

So, myself and my assistant burnt some wooden blocks and proceeded to have a madcap day shooting this.

The result is this little series, called Woodchip.

At some point, I'm hoping to revisit this on a larger scale....


photographic art, wood, wooden block, burnt, fire, rain, strange, conceptual