About Aldo Giorgetti

- I am an Italian photographer, who was born few moons ago in Rome, living in Silver Sands, Western Australia, for the last few years.
- I have been taking pictures for the last 30 years, through a wide range of experiences, from the early 80's as fashion, glamour and sports photographer, to the today's digital era with different interests though.
- Even though I still enjoy taking pictures, after many years shooting fashion models, portraits, nature, street life and (also) motors, experiencing loads of techniques, and quite a few cameras and lenses, I'd say that my today's greatest pleasure as a photographer is all about creating something else beyond the ordinary, through my pictures.
I really enjoy the idea of intriguing myself and my followers trying to create suggestions, visual appeal and fun, images sometimes beyond some hypocrite social and moral conventions, sometimes.

I hope you will enjoy my way.


I am a self taught photographer and I began my carrier in the 80's as an assistant photographer for advertising firms and fashion photography agencies in Italy. With the advent of digital dslr cameras, I started experimenting with new techniques, with the only aim being to find the best and most suitable ways to express my artistic essence.


Not really influenced by any contemporary photographer, I have strong admiration for Hamilton, Cartier-Bresson, Oliviero Toscani, Avendon.