With a diverse approach to the photographic medium, Christophe Canato has never limited himself. From film to digital, in situ to composition, natural to studio light.

Based in Paris, his early work explored new concepts and interpretations of the photographic medium. He then used triptychs and diptychs, image/text combinations, unexpected supports, frames or back-lit boxes to perform mechanisms such as synaesthetic phenomenon.

Since he relocated to Perth, Australia in 2005, Canato's photography has radically evolved to a more traditional approach to the medium. His photomedia disciplinary approach includes photography and, more recently, videography.

In search of his identity, his latest work articulates perception and interpretation of our social, cultural and material affiliation. Social categories and social codes from our collective memory are the departure point for canato's research. His narrative images examine social groups such as intimate portrayals of senior white haired women dressed in white camisoles. Women of Jerusalem is a series of bright evanescent photographs that blend between serenity versus oppressiveness, purity versus degeneration, beauty versus repulsion. The prepubescent, darkly lit portraits and still life photographs of Ricochet trigger memories of one’s childhood. Each evocative piece delves into the psyche of childhood and looks at the fascination and imagination held only within the mind of the child.

Christophe canato recent working in progress of narrative images examines males role and identity in in our contemporary western contexts. This artist is interested about exploring social issues such as politics and religion, including physical identities and sexual orientations.


1993 Specialist Master Degree in Fashion Management, IFM Institut Français de la Mode, (Fashion French Institute), Paris Fr. www.ifm-paris.org.
1989 Beaux-Arts, DNSEP: Diplome National Superieur Expression Plastique (comparable to a Master Degree in Visual Art), Grenoble Fr.
1985 Bachelor of Visual Art, Beaux-Arts, Grenoble Fr.


2017 Ricochet. Gallerie Basia Embiricos, Paris Fr.
2016 Ricochet. Turner Galleries, Perth WA.
2016 Ricochet. 2016 Singapore Fringe Festival, Singapore.
2015 commissioned artist to produce a public artwork for the City of Joondalup Inside-Out Billboard for display from March to September 2015.
2014 Ricochet. Anna Pappas Gallery, Curated by Tahlia Jolly, Melbourne Vic.
2014 Ricochet. Queensland Centre for Photography, Brisbane Qld.
2011 Ragamuffins and Hunting Trophies Vol1. Voici-Voilà Studio, Paris Fr.
2010 Ragamuffins. Perth Centre for Photography, Perth WA.
2009 Hunting Trophies, Vol1. Fremantle Art centre, Curated by Jasmin Stephens, Fremantle WA.
2008 A Family Sunday. Fotofreo Fringe, Perth WA.
2007 Crie!. Perth Town Hall, Perth WA.
2006 Corpus Emulsion. Artrage Festival, Curated by Marcus Canning, Perth WA.
1999 Pièces à Conviction. Gallerie 2 Pièce-Cuisine, Curated by Gérome Rapanello, Paris Fr.
1999 Pièces à Conviction. Franck et Fils Art Space, LVMH, Paris Fr.
1999 Retrospective. Centre Culturel Georges Brassens, Champs sur Marne Fr.
1998 Synesthésie. Duplex Bar d’Art, Paris, Fr.
1997 De l’Image Aux Sens. Centre Culturel Saint Michel, Paris, Fr.
1997 De l’Image Aux Sens. Duplex Communication Art Space, Paris Fr.
1993 Beaux-Art, Retrospective work of 5 years, Grenoble Fr.

2017 Bunbury Biennale, selected artist, Bunbury WA.
2017 Midwest Art Prize, Geraldton Regional Art Gallery, Geraldton WA
2016 Print Award, Fremantle Arts Centre, WA.
2016 Busselton Art Award, ArtGeo Cultural Complex, Busselton WA.
2016 Mandorla Awawrd, Linton & Kay gallery, Perth WA.,
2015 Quiet Moments, Fremantle Art Centre, Curated by Susan Hill, Perth WA.
2014 Collective, Perth Centre for Photography, Perth WA.
2014 Intimacies, Vancouvert Art Gallery with Art on the Move, Curated by participing artists Christine Tomas and Christophe Canato, Albany WA.
2014 Intimacies, Mandurah Art Gallery with Art on the Move, Curated by participing artists Christine Tomas and Christophe Canato, WA.
2013 Intimacies, Wall Flower Photomedia Gallery, Curated by participing artists Christine Tomas and Christophe Canato, Mildura NSW.
2012 Station of the Cross, Annual Exhibition of Western Australian Artists, Curated by Catherine Czerw, Perth WA.
2012 Photobook and Art/Text/Clearinghouse Shows, Perth Centre for Photography, Perth WA.
2012 Collective, Perth Centre for Photography, Perth WA.
2011 Artists for Peace, Moores Building, Curated by Pauline Williams, Perth WA.
2011 Infest, Gallery Central, Curated by Thelma John, Perth WA.
2009 7èm Festival International de la Photographie de Mode, Cannes Fr.
2006 Fotofreo Fringe, Perth WA.
2003 Carnet de Voyage. Art Space, LVMH (Louis Vuitton), Paris Fr.
2001 Made in Mode. Courant d’art, Deauville Fr.
2000 Guest of Honour, invitation to exhibit. Jeune Création 50th anniversary, Paris Fr.
2000 Bourse du Talent #11, Photography.com, Paris Fr.
2000 Portraits d’Artistes (7 Selected Artists), on the initiative of Business & Decision, Paris Fr.
1998 lecture (3 selected Artists). Gallery 2A, Lille Fr.
1997 Jeune Création, Art Festival, Paris Fr.
1997 Gallery de Toutes Les Couleurs (2 selected artits), Paris Fr.


2009, 2012& 2017 Finalist, City of Joondalup Invitation Art Award, Joondalup WA.
2016 Busselton Art Award, ArtGeo Cultural Complex, Busselton WA.
2012 & 2016 Finalist, Print Award, Fremantle Arts Centre, WA.
2016 Finalist, MANDORLA art award, WA.
2015 Finalist, Kennedy Prize Art Award 2015, Adelaide SA.
2015 Judges Commendation for the artwork titled " self portraits, Inspired by Patricia Puccinini", City of Joondalup Invitation Art Award, Joondalup WA.
2015 Finalist, Midwest Art Prize, Geralton WA.
2014 Winner popular choice, City of Joondalup 2014 Community Invitation Art Award, WA.
2010 & 2013 Finalist, Sir Charles Gardener Bienale Award, WA.
2012 IPA award, Honorable mention, USA.
2011 Finalist, MANDORLA art award, WA.
2010 Winner Photographic Prize, Bassendean Art Award, Bassendean WA.
2009 Finalist, City of South Perth Emerging Arts Awards, South Perth WA.
2007 Finalist, Minnawarra Art Exhibition, Minnawarra WA.
2005 Winner Prize, Town of Vincent Art Award, Perth WA.
2005 & 2007 Iris Award, Perth WA.
2000 Second Prize, Business & Decision, Paris Fr - Finalist, Bourse du Talent #11, Paris Fr.
1997 Winner Prize, Jeune Création, Paris Fr.

ARTBANK, Australian Federal Government Art collection.
St John of God Collection, Perth WA.
Joondalup City Council, Joondalup WA.
La Sacem, Société des Auteurs Compositeurs et Editeurs de Musique, Paris Fr.
Business & Decision, Paris Fr.

2015-17 Committee Member, Art on the Move, Perth WA.
2016 Mandorla exhibition, artist talk, Linton & Kay, Perth WA.
2014 Quiet Moments, artist talk, Fremantle Art Centre, Perth WA.
2013 Miike Green Studio, artist talk, Perth WA.

2015 Pandora’s Box, City of Joondalup’s Inside-Out Billboard for Display, City of Joondalup Commission, WA.
2017 City of Vincent Lightbox Laneway Gallery, Mount Lawley WA.

2017 April , Central Tafe, Perth WA.