About Damien Drew

Damien Drew is a photographer with a passion for documenting the built environment and our relationship with it. He is fascinated with what he sees as a loss of a sense of place and texture and it's rapid replacement with a globally generic built environment. He observes that vital places and communities are being transformed such that every place becomes no place in particular. His images ask us to pay attention to scenes and details habitually passed over, presenting beauty in unlikely places.
Damien has had two successful exhibitions at Blackeye Gallery in Sydney. He also self published two limited edition photobooks of both series. 2015's 'Everywhere was Wherever' documented his experience of geographical identity on a motorcycle road trip through the American South. Most recently he examined the Japanese aesthetic sensibility of Wabi-Sabi through the lens of declining rural Japan. Images from both series can be viewed here. Damien is also an Art Director and Production Designer whose feature film credits include Alien Covenant, The Great Gatsby, Superman Returns, Star Wars and The Matrix films. He studied Architecture at UNSW in Sydney and he has a passion for the built environment and visual story telling.


Bachelor of Architecture (Hons 1) UNSW


2015 'Everywhere was Wherever' - Black Eye Gallery, Sydney.
2017 'Wabi-Sabi' - Black Eye Gallery, Sydney


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