About Damian Seagar

I am a 36-year-old New Zealander from Wellington, and have lived in Sydney for 10 years. I am passionate about film photography, and capturing beautiful and harsh landscapes; often within the same frame. I find the Australian landscape completely fascinating; it is such a dramatic contrast to where i’m from, and is seemingly never-ending in its variation and size.

I strive to create simple and uncluttered images which have an inherent beauty with their composition, dream-like quality, and minimal colour or grey palette. My wish is that they are pleasant and restful to look at, and somewhere peaceful, solitary, and quiet to dwell for a time.

With its beautiful organic grain and naturalistic colour palette, film is a wonderful medium for creating images that appear slightly other-worldly and mystical.

I want to take the viewer to places around the country they would not normally think of, or have the opportunity to go to. This is the reason I love to travel in the way i do; most of my favourite images are from places on roads not necessarily leading toward anywhere important. Often the most pleasing subjects and situations are not always famous geographic features and national parks, but everyday dusty old routes leading away from forgotten towns. No matter how far you travel, there is always another interesting shot just a little further up the road...


A Quiet Continent, August 2016, m2 Gallery, Surry Hills, Sydney (Solo Exhibition)

RAW Artist Showcase, November 2017, Campsie, Sydney (Group Art Fair)

The Other Art Fair, March 2018, Eveleigh, Sydney (Group Art Fair)

The Other Art Fair, August 2018, Kensington, Melbourne (Group Art Fair)