About Geoff Tull

Geoff was born in the small rural town of Gloucester, New South Wales. In 1978 he moved to Taree on the mid north coast where he purchased an existing, but neglected photographic studio with a desire to produce high end portrait and wedding photography that was lacking in the area.
Moving from a small country town where he knew almost everyone to a larger city of approximately 30,000 where he knew very few people presented some initial challenges but Geoff was determined to make the move successful. He actively approached many local people and asked if they would be willing to have their portrait taken and displayed in his newly renovated studio gallery that now featured spot lit, carpeted walls. No one refused his requests and it wasn't long before large, impressively framed portraits of the mayor, solicitors, chefs, business people and families were featured.
Geoff's reputation quickly spread and in the first 12 months of re-establishing the studio, he had photographed in excess of 1,000 portrait sittings as well as numerous weddings.
After a very successful career spanning in excess of 35 years Geoff decided to cease the portrait and wedding business and focus his skills on a new and exciting facet of image making, that of macro photography. Since 2007 he has concentrated his efforts towards creating unique abstract artworks he calls "Images of Nature". Extremely detailed close ups of colourful flowers, leaves, bark and other organic materials are now photographed to express the beauty of colour and design. Geoff and his wife live on a delightful 2 acre property and together they are constantly seeking unusual foliage displaying striking colours and shapes, that he evaluates before using techniques of lighting and composition to create unique wall art.
Geoff explained "most people admire the natural beauty of their surroundings but I have trained myself to look at nature in a different way to appreciate beauty even in dead and decaying leaves, bark, grasses or other material that have fallen on the ground, I can't wait to take them back to my studio where I carefully evaluate them from every angle and turn them into images for people to enjoy".
All images are printed with the utmost care using only the finest archival papers and inks and a Certificate of Authenticity accompanies each for complete assurance.
Geoff loves showcasing the natural beauty of the Australian bush, together with the delicate, vibrant colour of flowers and foliage to allow his clients to decorate their homes and offices by bringing the outdoors - indoors!


Studied professional photography under some of the best known portrait and wedding photographers during 1970- 1980




The Australian Bush and nature in general