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About Janelle Amos

Janelle is an ephemeral nature mandala artist and abstract painter, working from her family vineyard property in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Inspired by Nature's confidence to create regardless of barriers, Janelle's work reveres the honesty & worthiness within life's imperfection & celebrates the intrinsic beauty of Nature just as it is, & therefore ourselves, just as we are. Janelle’s Nature Mandala work is spontaneous, ephemeral & organic, made & photographed in the natural light of the moment. The work is constructed in the elements without studio conditions, welcoming the unpredictability of Nature to be a part of each scene; a soft breeze may rattle the petals, the light may cast shadows, or the warm sunshine may bring the ants. Janelle’s intention to capture her work in this raw way is a nod towards the beauty of an unedited & unfiltered life. Shared as Fine Art Pigment Prints, each print is an archival treasure designed for longevity. Available in limited editions of 25 in both 30 x 30cm & 60 x 60cm size, numbered & signed by Janelle. In direct contrast, Janelle's abstract works in acrylic are raw & expressive. Janelle's mandala practice returned Janelle back to her paint brush after many years of delaying the urge to paint & express herself without influence. As it is with many things in life, timing is everything, & a catastrophic fire event near Janelle's home was the catalyst to return to her paint brush, shifting her focus from a relationship with nature, towards a relationship with her inner nature. The results are a continuing body of work that is wonderfully open and alive, resonating with the intrinsic beauty of life.


Self Taught Artist.


>2015 SALA Exhibition, Barossa SA
>2016 SALA Exhibition, Barossa SA
>2016 Resident Artist, Artisans of Barossa Tasting Room, Barossa SA
>2017 “Still Point” SALA Exhibition, Peter Lehmann, Barossa, SA
>2017 ‘Perfectly Imperfect” Brick + Mortar Collective, Adelaide SA
>2017 COOK! Barossa Exhibition and Art Prize, Barossa Regional Gallery, SA (WINNER)
>2017 June Group Exhibition, Smartart Gallery, Adelaide SA
>2017 Tatiara Art Prize, Walkway Gallery, Bordertown, SA (FINALIST )
>2017 Cambridge Studio Gallery online Art Prize “Life Abstracted” (FINALIST)
>2018 Contemporary Art Awards 2018 (FINALIST)


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