About Jivan Arpitam

Jivan has spent much of his life meandering the Blue Planet. Honing his unique perspective of what lies in front of him, learning from paupers, mediums, and masters of mediation. Never acquiring a ‘formal’ education Joven attended the Universe University, collecting and cataloguing thought processes that resonate throughout his work.
To call Jivan a visionary artist would discredit his body of work. However, it is Jivan’s vision that allows him to circumvent the common perspective of the world at large. His vision delves into the natural world with a rooted ethereal viewpoint. Jivan sees a nut falling from a tree but he visualises a musical instrument, acquiring a symbol to place under the tree to hear a sporadic ping.
In recent years he has taken a sabbatical from his meandering allowing the fertile sediment of life to settle. Assessing, analysing, and compounding each layer to yield an extensive body of work. The artist uses previously unavailable technology to dissect what his vision captures, leaving the original photos indiscernible. Flirting with the digital and material realms he melds the two creating a distinctive style; One that challenges the viewer’s vision to decipher what he or she sees in front of them. In the same vein as Jivan’s recent years, he layers images upon images producing a collection that stands as canopy far above the undergrowth, enveloping a life of colour, darkness and joy.