About Karen Visser

Originally from New Zealand I grew up at the base of a volcano in the Far North region. Young and adventurous I ventured to Sydney where I made my home nestled in a garden paradise on the Northern Beaches, never far from the sea.

As a 'child dreamer' with an inquisitive mind, I loved exploring my surrounds - be it the rocky lava flow that spilled forth, or climbing trees to gain a different perspective on my environs. At the age of 9yrs, I received my first camera.

With an extensive career in Graphic Design I expanded my services to include Photography. These days I consider myself an 'Artist Photographer' as my creative soul evolves whilst exploring possibilities beyond constraints.

My most recent works takes me on a journey of SEMI ABSTRACT LANDSCAPES which I describe as LIGHTSCAPES. This new series is constantly developing as I become more and more enchanted by the 'Choreography between Light + Movement', discovering unique works that reveal a sense of ethereal wonder and poetry within.


Pre Selection
Northern Beaches Art Prize 2017

Fluidity - 2017
Creative Space - Northern Beaches - Sydney

Three of light - 2012
Watch House - Balmain - Sydney


Influenced by my formative years of growing up in New Zealand amongst a thriving community of artist and fine crafts people from Printmakers to Painters, Sculptors, Carvers, Potters and Weavers to name a few. Over the years I have immersed myself in various workshops such as Screen Printing, Paper Marbling, Gilding, Photography, Painting, Life Drawing and most recently, Urban Sketching.