About marianne Ellis

Marianne Ellis developed a passion for photography after emigrating from England to Australia in 2004. Marianne was inspired by her new surroundings on the beautiful Mornington Peninsula and rarely without her camera. Photography allowed Marianne to reconnect with nature and open her heart to deep gratitude for the world around her. Along her journey through the lens Marianne made many discoveries regarding the benefits of therapeutic photography, noticing that it created a mindful presence,eased anxiety, increased self awareness and greatly decreased stress. Each image became an extension of an emotion or feeling, allowing powerful insights into uncovering layers of herself. The energy in the moment captured intuitively and energetically through the viewfinder to transfer the presence of the given moment. Each image tells a story and each viewer will emerge into their own narrative, as the intention is that you ‘feel’ Marianne’s work with your heart.

In 2012 Marianne joined two leading boutique fine ar stock agencies, which licensed her work world wide supplying creative photography to the publishing industry. This opportunity allowed Marianne the creative freedom to fully explore her own style which was often referred to as abstract, emotive, cinematic and timeless. Marianne adores images with softness, movement and energy which is achieved through pinhole, Lensbaby and holga.

The post-processing of each image requires hours of work, rather like painting, adding colour, texture and tone. Marianne always seeks to take the image to a deeper level and each image is viewed as a piece of art. This is a delicate process and done with sensitivity, patience and a deep commitment to trusting the process to know when the image is complete.

Marianne is also devoted to sharing the power of photography as a form of self expression and utilising this accessible medium through the smartphone or camera to empower others and promote well being in the community.


Marianne's work expresses emotion, feeling and the complexity of the human brain. Each image tells a story and reveals a layer of an narrative interruption of life situations. Marianne's work holds an energy that is gentle, sensitive and curious to the moment. Many of her images are captured with Lensbaby to create softness and whimsical style that is distinctive and unique.