About Megan George

I'm an emerging photographer, and work commercially as a freelance event photographer. My personal body of work spans a variety of genres, oftentimes exploring emotions in a documentary format. I've been practising photography for over 5 years, and have partially completed a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from RMIT. While this is on an indefinite hold, I gained a lot from the experience, and it has informed my professional practice.I'm mostly interested in exploring how emotions and perspective influence our perception, mostly using colour and framing to express these concepts.I work in many camera formats, however I favour my DSLR and Polaroid SX-70 the most. I love the raw nature of a polaroid capture.


BA Photography at RMIT (partially complete)


RAW Melbourne: Envision (February 2018)


William Eggleston, Stephen Shore, David Hockney, Andy Warhol, Annie Leibovitz