About Melanie Smith

Melanie Smith is an art photographer with a fascination of the fine and intricate details of plant life. Those details that often go unnoticed can be brought to the fore with the macro lens. The way in which Melanie frames and focuses her subjects results in painterly-like images, blurring the lines between the medium of photograph and painted image. Shapes, colours and patterns sitting unassumingly in the background as unfocused matter can sometimes emerge as artworks in their own right. Melanie's collections showcase a wide range of the colour spectrum including soft pastels, bold saturation, delicate, dusty hues as well as black & white. Melanie prints on canvas and a range of different papers such as metallic and fine art rag. The result is artwork worthy of dedicated wall space; visual delights to intrigue, evoke emotion and conversation, and ultimately to be enjoyed and admired.

Melanie also works in the building and architectural field, photographing residential, retail and commercial spaces as well as industrial projects. Her work is balanced between the technical and the creative, resulting in images that showcase projects in a practical yet aesthetically engaing form.

Melanie runs Melanie Smith Photography; a Melbourne-based business offering a range of photographic services, 3D virtual tours and photographic artwork.


Diploma of Arts - Photography