About Nadia Culph

The devil is in the detail.

I'm a photographic artist based in Melbourne, Australia. I create still life art from all the beauty nature has to offer. As a photographer, I'm intrigued by curiosities such as unusual flowers, patterned feathers, leaves with intricate detail, anything that catches my eye. I'm drawn to bold, brilliant colour and the simplicity of black and white. The beautiful structure and design of classic cars, vintage cars and hot rods are another great interest of mine and make marvelous material for a photograph.
It's the sourcing, creating and editing side of the craft that I enjoy most. Once I have found that mind blowing subject, the process begins with good natural light, a black background and my trusty Nikon.
I aim to show you the small details, to bring to light those fine elements you may not usually notice. To remind people to appreciate the little things in life, to stop and smell the roses.


Photography Studies College


Bulleen Art & Garden - Nature and Creativity Exhibition




Robert Mapplethorpe, Diane Arbus, Ansel Adams, Imogen Cunningham.