About Peter Radford

Peter Radford - Air Perspective

Peter Radford spent 35 years in Airborne Survey work and always carried his camera with him when flying so as not to miss an opportunity to take photos of the Australian landscape from the air. Having studied in the late 60’s and early 70’s in Photography and Design, his training led him to a technical career in the precise discipline of Aerial Survey Photography.

This has given Peter the opportunity to work throughout Australasia for the past 35 years, and presented him with the chance to combine his passion for photography, with his love of flying, in order to capture, unique visual landscapes from the air.

His works have developed from a different personal perspective, combining strong natural light and creativity with the camera from the air, which captures images that reflect a personal expression of nature.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to hang an aerial image from the Australian landscape on your walls that is unique and a visual experience. Some of these landscapes you will never see again as they are during or after floods or an extended dry.


Mout Lawley Technical College WA, Lab Technicians Course and electives in Photography.


Sole Exhibition At Rainier Gallery 2007
Sells at Norvek Framing Gallery, Southern River, Perth


Natural Lighting