About Peter Henning

Biography: I was born in Germany in 1949 and for as long as I can remember I wanted to be a photographer. In 1974 I migrated to Australia where I worked as technical officer at the University of NSW for 6 years and spent lots of my time in the darkroom. In 1980 I purchased a photographic library called "International Photographic Library" and from there I was able to get into commercial photography. Not quite sure of how this came about but I spent a lot of time photographing hotels and resorts in Fiji. In 1989 I made the move to Fiji full time where I had my own studio for 13 years. My clients were Air Pacific, Sheraton, Warwick, FEA , Fijan Holdings, Flour Mills of Fiji along with almost all other big companies and of course most Islands resorts. In 2000 I decided not to work for advertising agencies any more. I was lucky to get to know many artists and in 2002 I went into a partnership with two great designers and we opened a company called "Three Loose Coconuts" 3LC published 22 pictorial books , some children books , some cook books , some on the Fiji Islands and through GEO Germany we published books on 8 cities in Germany. I have always loved photography and all the great people I met during my active time as a photographer. My images are on both sides of a Air Fiji 747 aircraft flying around the world, one of our cook books was runner up at the Beijing best cookbooks of the World, and our children's book sold 400.000 copies, I photographed the first sunrise in the year 2000 at the dateline and I photographed Fiji rugby players in France for a large corporation used on billboards. Once a photographer always a photographer. Today I have the time to go through my body of work which I will make available to collectors of fine art photography.


Middle school , Art / Trade School.


Yearbook of Photography 1978


Oh boy ........ after 22 books , many billboards ..... just google my name.


David Bailey, Paul Finley, Helmut Newton , Larry Dale Gordon, actually many others.