About Sarah Grace

I am a contemporary abstract artist with a background in photography.

My creative passion lies in the fusion of traditional and digital media to produce mash-ups of colour and form that blur reality and fantasy.
I am deeply inspired by philosophy and metaphysical concepts and phenomena. Through my work, I am seeking to access and reveal various states of consciousness, particularly the transitional state from wakefulness to sleep (Hypnagogia).

The mental phenomena that occur during this ‘in between’ phase include lucid thought, lucid dreaming, hallucinations, and sleep paralysis. My own experience of sleep paralysis during adulthood has driven my artistic curiosity to explore the ‘why and how’ of this state.

Bright lights and colour dominate my hallucinations and now heavily influence my work. I have discovered that documenting the often confronting sights and feelings of my experience through my art has been hugely cathartic.


A/Diploma of Photography
Photography Studies College (PSC) 2011 -
Bachelor of Design - Photomedia
Swinburne University 2018 -


Contemporary Art Society of Victoria
Art at Burnley Harbour Exhibition 2015

69 Smith Street Gallery
End of Year Exhibition 2015

Linden Art Gallery
Member for Albert Park Award
Wonderment 1 (photographic print) 2012
This work was reproduced as a greeting card and used exclusively by Martin Foley MP, State Member for Albert Park.

Brunswick Street Gallery
Lucid Solo exhibition 2009

Fringe Festival
Homeless Gallery exhibition 2007