About Sarah Knowles

Born 1998 in Rockhampton, Australia

Art has been important to me for a long time, practicing at School, University, and during private lessons. I have been taking private lessons for over a year now, and these lessons have inspired me to use oils, charcoal, pastel, and watercolour in my artworks. Having recently completed a Certificate III in Visual Art, I have developed even more confidence with producing a variety of artworks, taking a fondness to exploring many styles including portraits, landscapes, cityscapes, etc.


Certificate III in Visual Art (2017)


Fishbowl Gallery, Rockhampton, "Dromaius novaehollandiae"
August 12 2017 - September 3 2017

Fishbowl Gallery, Rockhampton, "Finding One's Self" (Solo Exhibition)
October 13 2017 - November 3 2017


Anything and Everything