About Simon Ng

As a scientist, I've spent many years scratching the left side of my brain. My right brain is pretty chilled, but twenty years of being ignored was bound to create issues. With a love of the outdoors and an undeniable urge to suddenly find a creative outlet, I combined my love of the outdoors with a borrowed camera. Inspired initially by Peter Eastway, and then Peter Hewitt, Michael Kenna, Adam Burton, Julia Fuchs and Rachel Talibart amongst others, I've moved from happy snapper to obsessed photographer. Light and form, time and texture drive me. I want to take photos that transport me when I look at them: recognisable but somehow ethereal. I feel a great stillness behind the camera, the same stillness I feel when I am out in the wilderness, and I am constantly striving to recreate that feeling with each frame I take. I hope you like what you see.


BSc (hons) BEng (hons) PhD


Maitland International Salon of Photography 2018

APS Convention 2017

Maitland International Salon of Photography 2017

VIGEX International Photography Salon 2017


Peter Eastway; Adam Burton