About Wendy Philip

Hi I'm Wendy,
I photograph and write a weekly blog. I live in the South of South Australia and I come from the South Island of New Zealand.
Travel is local for me....I live like a local and photograph like a local.
I was brought up on an isolated farm next to the most beautiful town of Kaikoura, New Zealand, where the beautiful mountains, fall steeply into a rugged and pristine coastline. I believe this outstanding landscape shaped my passion for life and photography. I now reside in South Australia, a complete contrast with its dramatic and harsh beauty. I photograph solely for pleasure but do have the occasional art exhibition and I sell some of my prints on my website.


Dip ED


Sala Exhibition 2016. Two finalist awards.


Front page coverage in our Southern local messenger. 2016


My adventure into blogging and photography began in 2009, I take inspiration from everything, everywhere, anytime and anyway I can!

My first professional camera was a Nikon D5100, I now have a Nikon D800E.

I enjoy the works and have been greatly influenced by these photographers:
Nicholas Bell
Russ Barnes
Kara Rosenlund.
Oleg Oprisco
Patty Maher

My photography tends to be minimalist, showing the heart of humanity and the lonely journey we each must take to find peace, joy and fulfilment.