About Yemaya McDonald

Yemaya McDonald uses images to build landscapes of memory, both real and imagined, making visible what lives in the hidden terrains of the mind and the past. She delves into familial stories of war, displacement and mental illness to explore the echoes and traces of the human condition. Using the memories of people who have touched her life, she creates a series of honest and intimate pieces as an archive of the remarkable and at times heroic lives of seemingly ordinary people.

She also searches for the intangible in her everyday surroundings, or further in outlying geographies, to inspire landscapes that have a dreamlike or primal quality.

She works across a variety of mediums including old processes, analogue and digital photomedia, video, performance, sound, drawing, printmedia, story telling and the written word.

McDonald lives and works in Sydney and is currently in her final year of Bachelor of Visual Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney, Australia.


Bachelor of Visual Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney, Australia (current)


Solo Exhibitions
2017 Before, Dedspace Gallery, Lilyfield NSW

Group Exhibitions
2017 Art Acts, MCA ARTBAR, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney NSW
2017 Undergraduate Degree Show, Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney
2017 End of Year Show, Shortspace Gallery, Lilyfield NSW
2018 A Novel Script: Text as an Expanded Medium in Contemporary Practice, Verge Gallery, Darlington NSW