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Master Fine Art Print on Smooth 100% Cotton (Framed on consultation if required)


This work was taken while driving through Hallet Cove, South Australia one morning of rare blanketed fog. The photographs were shot for a work called 'Nepenthe', which means something that can make you forget grief and suffering. As an installation, the images were projected and distorted through a hand blown glass vessel, to create an aurora type effect on the ceiling. However, the images themselves also demanded to be seen, with an enduring, defiant presence. This work titled 'Eden' refers to the two ancient gum trees as the reference to Adam and Eve, in the mythical utopia of the Garden. Today we still search for places of peace, of tranquility and the beauty of nature.

It speaks of my past connection with my Christian upbringing, but also my distance from it. I think there are many people still searching and wandering through a spiritual journey; it is ok not to know, it is ok to question. May you find peace in your own small paradise...

Exhibited at Rain Moth Gallery Waikerie for South Australian Living Artist Festival 2018. Available in other sizes on consultation. Limited run of 5 prints only.


Trees, Red, Australia, Landscape, Print