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Master Fine Art Print on Smooth 100% Cotton (can be framed or printed to different dimensions on consultation)


Remnant, something left in the wake ... something often over looked or unseen. Shot in the River Land near Waikerie and Blanchetown, this work brings into focus every tiny detail of the tiny breathing life among the flood plains in the dry season. Among kangaroo paw prints, and cracks in the dry land, is nestled a little oasis of life, of hardy succulents defying the vast plains of sand around them. A testament to the resilience and beauty in this harsh land, this work was exhibited in Her Ruthless Red Romance exhibition at Rain Moth Gallery Waikery, SALA festival 2018.

Limited run of 5 prints only. Available for print at different dimensions on request.


Landscape, Flora, Plant, Succulents, Outback, Australia