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Pigment print on lustre paper. Poster sized edition of 100. (Large scale limited edition of 8 also available).


Bindi Cole Chocka’s new photographic series Fertility, reveals the external influences that shape who we are juxtaposed against the prevailing culture which attempts to define us. Chocka’s works are typically underpinned by a social commentary and critique that references her life story and experiences, such as her heritage, the importance of Christianity in her life, and the impact of politics, the law and other power structures on her lived experience and that of her family and community. Her deeply personal and powerful artistic practice questions the way people circumscribe and misconstrue contemporary identity and experience.

Each of the works in Fertility feature a cut-out image of her son Eli that has been positioned in a variety of contexts; layered, superimposed and collaged inside and outside of the focal figure. Presented as an abstract story-board, the works fuse personal images of her son, with collaged imagery of her Wathaurung Country that have been transported into the context of the artist’s home.

Chocka merges “the source of her joy (Eli), and the source of her strength (her father’s Wathaurong Country)” to create insightful portrayals of her story. By combining these distinctive elements that are intrinsic parts of and her son's identity, Chocka highlights the multiplicity of Indigeneity today and the complexities that come with it.


landscape, indigenous, aboriginal, portrait, portraiture, blackandwhite, photography