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Limited Edition Print on Canson PrintMaking Rag 310gsm


The original Cala Lily and Leaf came as a floral gift from a friend I had not seen for several years. As beautiful as the flower was, it wasn't until I had forgotten about it on my mantelpiece for a couple of weeks, that the true beauty of the leaf revealed itself. Having dried naturally into this striking, sculptural curling form, I had to immortalise it, by capturing it's essence through photography.
I chose this styling and colour to emphasis the texture and form, the colour indicates how precious this gift offered in friendship was to me.

Maintaining quality control is very important to me, so I print everything myself on an Epson 9070 large format printer. Each print from the Golden Memorial series is printed on Archival Canson Print Making Rag 310gsm (Matte Paper).


Gold, Leaf, Plant, Still Life, Cala Lily, Lilies