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inkjet on canvas


Shadow play 2017
Inkjet on canvas

Ignoring the dangers of a looming sandstorm behind in the isolated landscape of The Coorong, South Australia, a child plays in the salty white sand and becomes immersed in the fascinating shapes of her own shadow. The little girl has found an instant playmate and each time she moves her hand away the shadow follows, engaging in a game that reflects the scope of her imagination. She is yet to understand how the sun creates the shadows on the ground or the dangers of the environment around her. The innocence and pure enjoyment displayed within her are a wonderful sight to observe in contrast to the current chaos of a world fueled by adult hate, intolerance and greed. The child fully embraces the concept of play and the adaptation of Plato’s quote, “Life must be lived as play”.


shadow, play, child, childhood, sand, landscape, sandstorm