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Shot on Foma Retropan 320 35mm Film. This image is printed using traditional photochemical printing. This process takes between 1-2 hours, and results in an image which is entirely unique from any other reprint. It is printed onto silver gelatin fibre-base paper, and finished with selenium toner for rich a beautiful blacks, and added archival qualities. The black border indicates a full-frame uncropped image.


After the rains in Queensland and South Australia, the salt lakes slowly start to fill, as this one is doing inch by inch, fed by gently flowing flood waters from the many low-lying often dry creek beds and streams that make up the massive landscape of the region. The lake is many kilometres across, and yet the water will only reach a depth of a few centimetres. The sound of the water gently filling the cracks of the salt as the tide-line slowly advances is incredibly eerie and beautiful in an otherwise completely silent landscape.
The graphic and abstract nature of the image, and the unusual grain of the film, almost make it feel like an artwork rather than a photograph.

Lake Hart, Wirraminna, South Australia, September 2016

Size quoted is on 16”x20” paper (unframed), which equates to an actual image size of 32cmx47cm.

Other available sizes:
9.5”x12” paper; 17cm x 25cm image size; $425 framed, $235 unframed
12”x16” paper; 25.5cm x 37.5 image size; $550 framed, $295 unframed
16”x20” paper; 32cm x 47cm image size; $795 framed, $430 unframed
20”x24” paper; 38.5cm x 57cm image size; $795 framed, $570 unframed
24”x30” paper; 51cm x 75cm image size; $1290 framed, $770 unframed
30”x36” paper; 69cm x 102cm image size; $1550 framed, $930 unframed

Plus shipping and insurance.

All images are editioned #/9 per size


landscape, australia, black and white, 35mm, film, analogue, new south wales, lake