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Chromogenic print


The most concrete emblem of every economic cycle is the dump. Roberto Saviano, ‘Gomorra’.
Close up photos of waste – cars, bottles, TVs, mattresses, wires and the other detritus of our modern consumer lifestyle are explored in this series.
The sheer volume of rubbish found in waste centres, tips and landfills is overwhelming. These vast ‘non-places’ are unseen, on the edge of our cities, but we are involved with them on a daily basis through the products we consume and discard.
But there is also beauty - the dense patterns, textures and colours of the rubbish, sorted according to type, are both intriguing and attractive.
By ‘inverting’ the images the negative side or consequence of consumerism is emphasised. As an x-ray points out the weakness or disease in our body, so these photos expose our waste as being a shameful side of our lifestyle.

Michael Fitzgerald, editor of Art Monthly Australia, said of Remains of the Day said: "Cresciani is staking a claim for his own sharply emerging photographic identity." And: “Emilio is a keen photographic excavator of site, sifting through its layers and sediments of history.”


Landscape; waste; rubbish; abstract, pipes; metal