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Photography Digital colour, manipulated with textures added, printed on Prestige Metallic Gloss paper 280 gsm


This collection is the result of an ongoing experiment using a moving camera (ICM, Intentional Camera Movement) to capture movement. . . crowds, tidal flows, wind, fire . . .

This experiment is not seeking to portray traditional photographic images but rather to render colourful non-figurative and non-geometrical, vertical and horizontal shapes, conjuring abstract emotional images

My inspiration is drawn from The Abstract Expressionism movement.

I have used a moving camera double exposures, textures and digital manipulations to create this work.
A fine art print professionally printed using archival ink on Ilford Gallerie Prestige Metallic Gloss paper 280gsm

The photo is supplied without watermark, numbered and hand signed by the artist with a Certificate of Authenticity

The print comes with a 55mm border

Other sizes to suit your requirement is available via Bluethumb. Please contact the artist via Bluethumb


abstract, expresionism, colours, icm_photography, impressionism, blur, movement