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Limited edition signed Fine Art print / archival inks / 100% museum grade cotton rag 310gsm / a white border of 10cm is included in the measurements


My ethereal ‘LIGHTSCAPES’ have emerged through challenging perceived rules and constraints within photography. A wonderful sense of release has enabled me to embrace the freedom of movement within - an experience of 'painting' with the camera rather than documenting a scene with emphasis on technical precision.

This single image capture was conceived on location resulting in a painterly illusion, often likened to a watercolour. My love for the natural environs is reflected in the appearance of semi translucent layers of motion, a sense of poetry without words, revealing hidden subtle colours and evoking a response of innermost feelings, rather than simply what the eye can see.

I do not set out to document the landscape, rather I wander, stumble, listen and pause, contemplating my own existence as I gradually immerse myself deeper and deeper. Forms, textures and patterns start to interplay with moments of fleeting light and through this experience an intimate dialogue develops.

DEEP WITHIN THE FLOWING TIDE - I hold dear this beautiful location where the waters of the lagoon surges forth to greet the ocean. Children delight in the shallow currents, the setting sun sculpts the crisp banks of sand and the low light flirts with the rippling tide. I feel mesmerised whilst being bathed in the glorious light.
A recent storm had laid bare the foreground rocks revealing their own artistry... perhaps a future series of images in the making!

Ed. 4 of 50

Sizes available:
120cm x 86cm (edition of 50)
85cm x 61cm (edition of 50)
above print sizes include a white border and can be framed without a mount


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