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Framed Photograph


"Strange Plank" from CARBON COAST SERIES I - There are many plants of the sea that are strange and unfamiliar and that we don't even see. However their properties are amazing, such as Phytoplankton - microscopic plants that have the ability to take up carbon dioxide through the process of photosynthesis on a scale equivalent to forests and other land plants. They are crucial to ocean biology and climate.

White Framed Photograph - Limited Edition of 5.
Photo size: 29 x 29 cm plus a 10 cm white border. Frame dimension 50 x 50 cm.

The components of life are all created with carbon with its unique ability to create a diverse array of properties - represented in this macro photographic image of coastal organic matter. The coastal aspect reflects the important relationship of water and carbon in our environment and the essential balance they provide to sustaining life.


Seaweed, Earth, Plants, Environment, Abstract, Coast, Macro Photography