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Photograph of my Original Light Art Painting, Acrylic Face Mount Fine Art Print Exclusive Limited Edition. The artwork is hand signed by the artist and include a Certificate of Authenticity. Timber Trace at the back 'Ready to hang'


"Interaction" is a photograph of the original painting that I created from light and perception. It focuses on the meaning and significance of art in our contemporary time, for it is not only beautiful to look at and get motivated and inspired, but also can be used as a parcel of therapy practice. It has highly psychological meanings that are particularly important to understand and to explore the innovative power of light and perception.
I created the original artwork of ‘Interaction’ through the medium of light. I photographed the image while the changeable colourful light was dynamically moving. I depicted the vivid colours with lavish attractive shades. The perception of this artwork is significant; for we are all engaging with each other through social interaction. As humans, we always need to interact with each other in life to live to make achievements and re-constructions.
Inspired by contemporary International Light artists and influenced by Eastern and Western philosophies, I use light and perception as my main medium for light is a source of energy and the illumination of wisdom and knowledge.

Recent years have brought the world horrifying destruction with global issues. My work is driven by my belief that all of us have the ability to develop our potentials and to be creators for change because the possibility for change is one of our greatest strengths, but in reality, it is also one of our greatest challenges. I also believe that art is central to politics and social relationships where inspirational and motivational works of art transform common perceptions and partake in our continual reshaping of the world.

Therefore my art may open a window to limitless power through ‘Super Consciousness’. The purpose of my artwork is to light up the consciousness of both its makers and viewers through awakening the apathetic higher capabilities of humankind that may impel the rebirth of better humanity. It may energise the power to work within consciousness and cause positive interaction to happen through accessing the Power of Super Conscious Mind.
I invite my viewers to discover the miraculous power of light and perception of visionary art and to explore human journey… to depict the unfolding mystery of inner feelings… and to capture parts of human emotions, sensations, thoughts, and memories in an entirely new inspiring way through the technique of contemporary light art, so we can interact together and work together in order to recreate ourselves to rebuild societies and to reshape our realities and the world.


Light and Perception Contemporary Fine Art