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Limited Edition Photograph. Unframed.


For me, this picture epitomises Berlin.

It is a known fact that Berlin is my favourite city on Earth. It is the most multicultural, historic, modern, beautiful, scarred place I have ever been, and really did cry on my way to the airport as I left.

This photograph was taken near Alexanderplatz in 2011, and features a relic portion of the Berlin Wall which, tradition dictates, one deposits one's chewing gum somewhere on it - I assume for luck, but maybe as a sign of Berliners showing how they feel about that wall, and everything it stood for.

Cars, advertising, concrete and small acts of protest. They all come together to describe one of the few great, resilient, eternal cities on Earth.

How I love Berlin.

Framing available upon request. Please contact for pricing and dimensions.


Berlin, Wall, chewing gum, advertising, cars, concrete, rob maxwell