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All artwork is printed onto 100% cotton paper, using archival inks.


Our relationship with natural phenomena in Australia started 40,000 years ago with the original human inhabitants and the Dreamtime. White Australians then overcame terrifying obstacles to arrive by ship over 200 years ago. To present day, Australians still face these same challenges from wild seas and weather, to bushfires, to a harsh, hot desert. This series is my interpretation of this phenomena and our place in it.

For earlier colonists, Bass Strait was a stretch of ocean with unpredictable weather and at times quite treacherous.

To create this series, I start by either creating a painting, sculpture or a photograph. The photograph I will either paint over the top of, or cut pieces from. I then photograph this object using various lighting and filtration techniques to render the final image.

All artwork is printed on 100% cotton paper, using archival inks.


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