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Photogravure from Photopolymer plate


Sanctuary 5

Bromeliads Plants are havens for organisms that take advantage of the pools of water that build up in the central cones. These sacred sanctuaries create a graphic abstract universe of natural elements for the building blocks of a life force - aquatic, flowerea, faunae.

The Photographic etching process of the Photogravure is a unique blend of digital with the hand made print, the Photogravure encourages textures, tones, forms, light and shadows. These are the intrinsic, tactile qualities of Silvi’s subject matter. Attributed to the raised ink lines, relief qualities and embossing trademark of this etching technique, the two dimensional representation of the subject evolves to becoming three-dimensional and therefore takes on a unique power that persists in memory. The image draws strength from the hands-on craft.


photogravure, nature, abstract, botanical, etching, rag paper, handmade, monochrome, garden, Bromeliad