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Pigment inkjet print on Canson Platine Fibre 310gsm archival paper


Dreaming of Fata Morgana #6, 2013
Edition 2/5
300 x 90cm
Pigment inkjet print on Canson Platine Fibre 310gsm archival paper

The Fata Morgana is a type of superior mirage, which can be seen in both polar and desert regions.

Dreaming of Fata Morgana is a series of images inspired by research conducted into mirages, which I undertook while on residency at the National Centre for Contemporary Arts Kronstadt artist residency during the winter of 2013. This work considers the mirage as a metaphor for an ambiguous space existing between what is real and what is imaged. I explored the sublime frozen seascape of the Gulf of Finland in daylight and darkness, which acted as a stage for the creation of unfamiliar realities. This work is informed by the sublime experience of traversing an environment both vast and inhospitable, and the resulting fears, imaginings and manifestations.

This project is positioned between the photographic index, and the imagined, and invites a dialectic between nature, history and technology where reality is rendered simultaneously familiar and strange. The works transport the audience to a place of alternate visual truth – a dreamscape that resonates ideas of the infinite and the divine.


fata morgana, mirage, landscape, dreamscape, frozen, snow, void, abyss