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Import & export is now an age-old process. Through the art of negotiation, people have been wheeling and dealing with all sorts of things. Over time the superpowers have risen and fell, and risen again. Not everything can be made locally and not everything can be made offshore, which is exactly why we work together to bring solutions to many of the world’s problems or simply the consumer’s needs. Trade is an important part of all out lives and we should respect the symbols associated with them. As a child, I was taught that everything plastic comes from China. What I wasn’t told is that so much wood, meat and over stock is shipped to China. When there is demand for a product that we provide to the best standard possible. Not just quantity, but quality. It really doesn’t matter who ends up with these products, what matters is how they have been treated along the way. Do buyers care about what the landscape looks like after they have purchased a new dining table from Ikea? My guess is they’ve probably forgotten.


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