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Pigment print on cotton rag


‘The Giant’ is inspired by the beauty of the landscape and the ancient symbolism within nature. We as humans have been trying to draw meaning and understand our world for centuries; with many cultures attributing different myths and legends in honour of these forms as we know intuitively that it is a force greater than ourselves.

The ancient mountain is a deity, a Goddess; We hear a Distant thunder.
A tectonic force, fracturing, folding, creating cataclysmic compression.
A deep thrust from the earths core
These silent guardians watching over us; Mythical. Sacred. Their majesty and chaos shrouded in mystery.
Ever evolving change, yet eternal.

- The Book of Symbols, Phaidon Press

This is a 1st edition framed Giclee pigment print on cotton rag paper + 2 AP.

Please Note:
*Photographic works are printed on demand, please allow a 5-7 day turn around for printing and shipping.

**This work is a limited edition of 10. All editions are signed, named and editioned on the back of the work but covered by framing. A label is provided on the back of the frame with signed and dated for authenticity.
Unframed editions are available, please contact artist for details.


landscape, mountain, blue, winter, cold, moody, grey