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Rhonda Armistead
Rhonda Armistead

Lismore NSW. Australia, Australia

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Oils on 12oz Cotton Canvas. Professionally stretched.


With a broad interest in Biodiversity, I always try to capture beautiful images with a message. We need hollow trees and any that survive are a victory. Lots of old hollows disappear in fire events and clearing and gathering of firewood, but we need to leave some there for the wildlife that need them to survive.
The destruction of dead and living hollow-bearing trees results in the displacement and decline of all wildlife who are depend on them for their survival.
The types of hollows needed by our wildlife are generally found in mature and dead trees. For some animals small openings of only a few centimetres are needed but others need much larger entry points.
Young trees rarely contain hollows suitable for wildlife. As trees age they are subject to the extremes of the weather and attacks from insects.
Animals and birds do not select tree hollows at random. Factors such as entrance size and shape, depth and degree of insulation generally dictate which species uses which hollows and their frequency of use during summer and winter.
Small hollows with narrow entrances suitable for small animals such as the Brush-tailed phascogale and the eastern pygmy-possum take about 100 years to form. Hollows of a medium size and suitable for animals such as parrots will take around 200 years to form, and the larger and deeper hollows occupied by glossy black cockatoos and other larger animals such as masked owls can take even longer

In Australia many native species need tree hollows, including 17 % of bird species, 42 % of mammals and 28 % of reptiles . They include bats, possums, gliders, owls, parrots, antechinus, ducks, rosellas and kingfishers as well as numerous species of snakes, frogs and skinks.

A range of hollow types is necessary for biodiversity.

Hollows in fallen trees are equally important for species such as the echidna, quoll, bandicoot and many lizards and reptiles.

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