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By Rodney Black

Northern Beaches Sydney, Australia

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The alternative title for this artwork just didn’t capture the beauty behind the wave that this fishing boat was creating on Palm Beach’s waterway. I think that the word to describe a wave pattern on the water surface caused by a boat is such a bizarre word choice - wake.

After all the word ‘wake’ is associated with death and funeral services. When I think of the word ‘wake’ I imagine a small Irish fishing village shrouded in fog with people dressed in black and standing outside a stone cottage mourning the death of the local fisherman lost at sea.

Well you won’t feel lost at sea with this painting of a white fishing boat slicing through the afternoon sun with the Australian bush-land featured behind. I love the colours on Sydney’s coastal waterways, featuring large Angophora trees clutching their roots around golden grey sandstone boulders.

This image was taken while doing the Palm Beach Lighthouse walk which is also a highly recommended thing to do while visiting Sydney’s Northern Beaches.


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