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By Rodney Black

Northern Beaches Sydney, Australia

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When I came across this image in my Grampa’s 1950s slide collection I was mesmerised by the huge red river gum tree on the side of the road. Looking at this scene makes me want to watch classic movies featuring the Australian alpine country. The first movie that comes to mind is “The Sundowners” released in 1960 and starring Deborah Kerr and Robert Mitcham. And for good reason for the filming location was around Cooma where this image was also captured in full Kodak colour slide film.

This scene was taken on the Snowy Mountains Highway before the road was sealed. The brand-new Bedford PC van is pointed towards the town of Adaminaby after just leaving Cooma. In the distance you have the Snowy Mountains looking towards Mount Kosciusko. And the lady is looking stylish in her hat and 1950s sunglasses.

This artwork forms part of my classic-car series and comes unframed but protected in three coats of acrylic varnish to give it that Technicolor feeling of the 1960s.


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