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Armidale NSW, Australia

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Limited Edition signed print. 2 of 30. Printed on canvas.

The Gravitas glass by Zalto is the focus of this painting.

This is a piece written about this particular glass "Grounded to earth through the eschewal of a foot at the base of its stem, the Gravitas glass both catches and demands the attention of every wine connoisseur. This precarious balance commands a similar respect for the wine itself. ".

I've always thought the Gravitas to be a bit wine wanky however it is an elegant wine accessory and does command attention in the way it casts reflections even to the extent of creating a copy of the bottle. It is a glass able to cast reflections within itself including numerous light reflections in the counter balance itself.

The wine is an extraordinary piece of work in itself. The Northern Barossa Vintners Shiraz is a delicate South Australian Shiraz, a favourite amongst wine lovers.

The pair work so well together along with the French Laguiole corkscrew.

This print has a total size of 55 x 79cm. The image size is 45 x 69 giving you a five centimetre white border. The print is on canvas and will come varnished in a hard tube.


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