Rona is an emerging artist, working primarily with oil paint. Rona has always loved bright colours, fuelled by her father’s African heritage and her teenage years spent in tropical Uganda. Rona has been painting and drawing throughout her life, but recently has focused on abstraction in order to emphasise on light, motion and colour.

Rona seeks to employ bold colour contrasts and to create an abstract sense of motion and form, evoking the imagination with an emphasis on emotive painterly techniques (usually using her fingers to apply the paint) and celebrating the natural form of the paint medium.

As Rona explores abstraction, she is particularly fascinated by the variety of scenes and emotive states which are experienced by different viewers of her works. Often a viewer will reveal a new discovery within the piece, continuing the exploratory journey beyond the completion of the painting process.

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2016 – Foot Square, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane.
2016 – Art Attacks The Little Guy, Sydney.
2016 – Heart of Annandale, Sydney.
2016 – Sydney’s Smallest Gallery, Sydney.
2016 – Art Heist, Sydney.
2016 – Canvas Bar, Sydney.


January 2017 – Special Merit, ‘All Women‘ Light Space & Time exhibition.
September 2016 - Special Recognition - 'Seasons' Light Space and Time Exhibition.
August 2016 – Special Merit, ‘Nature’ Light Space and Time Exhibition.
June 2016 - Online Finalist - Lethbridge 10 000 Small Scale Art Award.
March 2016 - Special Recognition - 'Abstracts' Light Space & Time Exhibition.
January 2016 - Special Recognition - 'All Women' Light Space & Time Exhibition.


Vibrant colours, emotion and nature

150cm (W) x 61cm (H)
Oil Paint
100cm (W) x 100cm (H)
Oil Paint