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gouache on Watercolour Paper 350gsm. Unframed.


I can't go past Proteas, they feature in my work heaps because they are such great flowers to paint. Every now and then when I feel like flexing my drawing muscle, I will pop into my local florist and grab some native flowers to paint.

For my still life flowers I work 'Alla Prima' which means the work is created in one go. (The very nature of my materials means that there is little room for error anyway, so you are kind of forced into doing it that way). But I actually like the thrill of painting directly onto the paper without pencilling out where I'm going first.

It's a gamble; sometimes this works beautifully and some days I waste lots of paint, paper and valuable time on 'duds' that just end up in the bin. However, I do feel strongly that something as fleetingly beautiful as fresh flowers deserves a bold, quick approach, and I'm happy to sacrifice a few failed attempts if needed, in order to get the perfect watercolour drawing.

I have painted this still life in almost true colours, which is unusual for my work. When I got to the eucalyptus I snapped back into myself and chose a lovely grey blue instead of the true grey green. It works though don't you think? Your eyes tell you it's the correct colour somehow.

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