Sally Okkerse is a Sydney based artist passionate about colour & sacred imagery-all with a beach inspired bohemian twist.
Her art has travelled to homes worldwide including destinations such as the U.S, U.K, Brazil, Sweden, Japan & extensively throughout Australia.
Sally has her work published in an Amazon bestselling art book entitled "The Intuitive Painting Workshop" by Alena Hennessy.
If you would like a commission or wish to collaborate with Sally, please get in touch: [email protected] It is a joy for Sally to tailor make artworks rich with depth & personal meaning for the recipient.


Sally is a qualified Yoga & Children's Art Teacher. She is also a freelance content writer.
Sally has been running her own successful online art business for the past three years making over 220 original art sales.
Sally is predominantly self taught in the arts & works from a place of intuition, curiosity & passion.


Hazelhurst Art Gallery Made by Hand Markets 2016.


Art published in the #1 Amazon Best selling Art Book"Intuitive Painting Workshop" by Alena Hennessy 2015.


Sally is influenced by the natural world particularly the ocean & flowers. In her own words;

"I work from a place of pure, raw emotion & love to create wild abstract paintings. I enjoy weaving other mediums into my work such as oil pastels & gorgeous papers that I have collected from all over the world. I find this adds depth & interest to each individual piece. Many of my artworks unfold over months, others are created with a sense of urgency. I go with the creative flow & am grateful for whatever wishes to shine through. Nature, kindness, beauty & romance are my deepest inspirations. My heartfelt desire is to inspire & uplift the viewer through my imagery & words."

60cm (W) x 60cm (H)
Acrylic paint, gold leaf, paper, canvas.