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Sarah Crane

QLD, Australia

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Acrylic on canvas


This was painted when I was 17. I am now 31 (in 2017)

This painting resembles my very best work. Its one of my earliest, its the painting that encapsulates me as an artist although its johnny depp. Its the piece that I never wanted to sell but I feel that the time has come where this work of art needs to be seen and cherished.

The painting almost has its own soul, so if you are interested in investing in this one of a kind work you would need to frame it to see it at its very best and to protect it from the elements.

As the creator of this work, I have loved it for many years and I'll always love it. If you decide you would like to own this work for yourself congratulations, you officially will be acquiring a piece of Australian artist Sarah Cranes heart n' soul.


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