I grew up in the Australian Outback and as a kid I had a lot of space to play in and to explore. My mother who is a creative and generous person, gave her kids lots of room to create whatever we wanted to as long as we had the house cleaned up by dinnertime, which wasn't always the case, of course being kids we had other ideas, though nevertheless we had a lot of room to grow and to express ourselves.
When I was in my teens I branched off to study Art and Design full time, taking life drawing classes in the evenings feeling absolutely in my element. At this time, I had a groovy free spirited painting teacher who taught meditation and tai chi in class as a way to enter our painting experience, so in a way painting and meditation have always had a strong link within me.

Painting is just such a wonderful mode of expression, I feel as though I just have to 'show up' in front of the canvas, paint and brush in hand and apply myself and in a short while I shift into another gear, its kind of turbo charged. In the painting process, I start going back through dreams and start seeing things clearer within, things sift through and I can look at them more objectively. When I'm really 'in the zone', I'm just watching the flow, paint to canvas where time disappears. In essence the painting has it's own story, it's a kind of puzzle that tells me how it wants to be unlocked, I just become instrumental.

Essentially it's the communion with the Divine that I'm attracted to and the subject matter changes as I explore my range of expression and what ever takes my fancy, meeting myself where I am at., accepting myself, loving myself and expressing whatever comes. Whenever I seem to get bogged down in a painting, I change channels and go and paint something which is a bit more lighthearted and simple for a while, or mix it up with a bit of silliness and some dancing or simply go and do something else and come back when the urge rises again.
My painting space is in my living space, I love living around what I'm working on. Sometimes I might be walking past with a load of washing and boom there I am putting that flash of white in that spot or emphasising something I saw out of the corner of my eye. It's a kind of love affair.

Images from original oils by Australian artist Shravaka Woods.
For further information contact the artist ; [email protected] or visit Shravaka's web site ; shravaka.net.au
Shravaka's artworks are found in collections worldwide.

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Born: Mildura, Australia.

Resides: Maleny, Queensland, Australia.

Shravaka's art has strength and delicacy. Layers of rich glazes create refreshing and distinctively individual works

with depth and subtlety. There is a sense of underlying spirit and celebration of life.

Shravaka's work is represented in Public and Private collections world wide.

Specialising in unique and creative solutions for private and corporate clients world wide.

1985. Bachelor of Design, University of South Australia, Adelaide CAE.


2015. Entered Doug Moran Portrait Prize.

2014-2015 Commission works.

2013. Artist in Residence Montrose Montville, Queensland, Australia.

2011-2012. Core focus is directed at collaborating with clients to produce outstanding works for special environments.

2011. Exhibition 'Apple Pie and Lamingtons', Sedona Arts Centre, Sedona Arizona, USA.

2010. Exhibition 'Destination Paradise', Go Troppo Arts Festival, Port Douglas, QLD.

2009. Exhibition 'Into The Woods', Candlenut Gallery of Fine Art, Port Douglas, QLD.

2009. Exhibition 'Opening of Harrison's', Port Douglas, QLD.

2009. 'Astrology Tarot Deck', Artist and Project Manager.

2008. Exhibition 'Low Isles', Go Troppo Arts Festival, Port Douglas, QLD.

2007. Exhibition 'Oceanic', Carnivale Festival, Port Douglas, QLD.

2006. Studied oil painting under Tony Purves.

2005-2012. Owner / Manager of Candlenut Gallery of Fine Arts, Port Douglas, QLD.

2000-2002. Exhibitions 'Tea Tree Plantation Sculpture Show', Ballina, NSW.

1998-1999. Exhibitions 'Bangalow Art Fair', Bangalow, NSW.

1998. Exhibition 'Elvis has left the building', Bare Bones Art Space, Bangalow, NSW.

1998. Exhibition 'The Buttery Annual Art Show', Acquisition Award, Bangalow, NSW.

1997-1998. Exhibition "Mullumbimby Regional Arts Gallery Group Show', Mullumbimby, NSW.

1997. Exhibition 'Egg', Annual Theme Show, Bare Bones Art Space, Bangalow, NSW.

1996-2004. Established 'Stone Myths' Cast Marble Reproduction Workshop. Designer, Mould maker, Management, Byron Bay, NSW.

1996-1997. Exhibitions 'Tea Tree Plantation Sculpture Show', Ballina, NSW.

1995. Performance Art 'Love comes in many colours', Byron Bay, NSW.

1995. Butoh Performance Art 'Arcadia', Lismore Civic Centre, NSW.

1994. Performance Art 'Astro Playback Theatre', Byron Bay, NSW.

1993. Exhibition 'Astrological Art', Byron Artworks, Byron Bay, NSW.

1992. Leadlight Design and Construction, Mud Manor Guest House, Rosebank, NSW.

1990-1991. Interior Design, Furniture Design, Supervisor and Management, Solo, Indonesia.

1985-1990. World travel.

1985. Bachelor of Design, University of South Australia.

1984. SA. Potter's Guild Award.

1979. Art and Design, Chaffey College, Mildura, Australia. Most Outstanding Student Award.


Recent ~ Osho Times, Germany, February 2016.


Many influences, too numerous to mention.

120cm (W) x 100cm (H)
Mixed Media
76cm (W) x 102cm (H)
Mixed Media
80cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Mixed Media
90cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Mixed Media
120cm (W) x 220cm (H)
Mixed Media
120cm (W) x 120cm (H)
Oil Paint