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Melbourne, Australia

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FINALIST in Contemporary Art Awards, 2017.
This self portrait work is part of my "End of an Era" (2017) series. It employed the processes of both manual and digital collage, photography, Fine Art printing and mixed media, including the use of thread, oil paint, Photoshop, chalk pencils and pinholes.
My work in experimental portraiture explores gesture, altered bodies and methods of disguise that border on the surreal, presenting sinister and somewhat folkloric aspects of human experience and my own Southern Italian lineage. An emotionally charged tableaux are produced using painting, photography and collage. The work brings a complexity to readings of Motherhood and domestic experience, with themes of cyclical loss, grief and fear appearing alongside whimsical, painterly qualities.
: "If you don’t show human psychology, the pain and suffering and sadness, then you’re not showing the whole picture.” Diamanda Galas


figurative art, self portraiture, portraiture, motherhood, place and belonging, lineage, Italian heritage, mixed media, layers, silhouette, squatting pose, theatrical, butoh, mother earth, mini me, doll, ruins, mask, disguise, fear, shadows, mourning, widow, end of an era, grief, skull, roots, mother earth, branches, under water