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Resin on wood

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This artwork comes with an external frame

As i sit in front of a blank form in front of me, can be daunting and somewhat overwhelming I carefully select my colours. This comforts me because they in themselves settle my nerves.
I start the process of mixing them, deciding on quantities of each. Getting flashbacks of my errors in the past of some colours overtaking my image I'm trying to achieve in my mind so as not to fall into that trap again.
I start to clear my work area, heart is starting to pound a little as I prepare for the magic. In the back of my mind I'm going through my mental checklist to make sure I've done everything right.
I glove up, put my full head mask on.
It's time, knowing I only have a limited working time before the resin goes off. I dive in, heart in my mouth, watching my creation unfold. Allowing it to dictate to me where I need to interfere and where I need to leave it alone.
I have to torch the bubbles out, careful not to overheat/ burn the resin.
And then I meticulously go over every millimeter to ensure no impurities.
I don't want to leave her, I just want to sit and stare but this risks a single dust particle ruining my perfect finish so it's time to cover her up.
I wait patiently the 24hr curing time but wake up early to uncover her early.
Resisting the temptation to touch her, I must cover her again.
At this time I've literally cried tears of disappointment or had a shot of adrenalin run through my veins.
You just never know, but it's addictive, and challenging and I will never give up on my own perfection.
The paintings that make forums like these are my successes.
This is just one amongst many more failures.
I hope you find you in my artwork now that you know a little about it's own journey with me.


Metallic Gold enhances this ocean seascape resin abstract original piece of artwork.

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Unframed (requires framing)

This artwork is unframed and requires framing.

It comes with an external frame.
Framed dimensions - 70.0(W) x 70.0(H).

Abstract Art, Impressionism Art

Simonne Moodie

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