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Mixed Media on canvas


Samma (meaning sameness or equality) is a 105 x 105cm (framed size) mixed media painting on canvas framed in a solid Tasmanian Oak floating frame.

From the series – Santosha (meaning to accept or to be comfortable with).

I use Sanskrit and Pali titles in this series with respect and regard for the ancient languages and their sacred use in Hindu religious rituals and Buddhist practice.

I was first introduced to Buddhist teachings, by a friend, around 25 years ago. We were a small group that read and discussed Buddhist literature, the first book of teachings was The Noble Eight Fold Path. With no religious influence prior to this it was the first time I’d experienced guidelines, in a sense, for navigating life and our complex mess of emotions and thoughts. The teachings were practical and simple. They made so much sense that it felt like light bulb after light bulb of realisations that changed my relationship with myself and my life.

Although, 25 years on, I’m still an undisciplined, and at times, sceptical student of Buddhist teachings, I find The Noble Eight Fold Path still resonates deeply with me.  I found while painting this series, that I was calling on aspects of these teachings to help me understand and accept the challenges of the mind, like self sabotage and doubt so I could step outside my thoughts and fully accept the process, be it good or bad, without judgement or expectation.

Like my paintings, I’m still a work in progress, but I feel an awareness of this path helps me to fully explore my creative potential as an artist and helps me to become a more mindful and centred me.


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