I have always been fascinated by nature and feel an immense sense of joy and happiness when painting nature. It is this same sense of joy and happiness that I wish to bring to anyone viewing my paintings. I like to paint different types of landscapes, seascapes, sunsets etc and have been painting since a number of years. I am an Engineer by profession but art has always been my passion. I only paint a scene if I get fascinated by it and if it creates a sense of intrigue and mystery in me. I feel very close to nature when painting and it allows me to be almost a part of the scenery itself. My mediums of choice are oils and acrylic.

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I am an Engineer by profession and a self-taught artist.


Impressionism, Monet

102cm (W) x 52cm (H)
Oil Paint
200cm (W) x 150cm (H)
Oil Paint
202cm (W) x 152cm (H)
Acrylic Paint